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Instructions & Clarifications for the Radio Database

  1. Four different databases are individually selectable:
    • the Sylvania Tube Complement Book
    • Mallory Yaxley Encyclopedia (MYE) 3rd & 5th Edition
    • Gerald Larsen's "The Radio Locator"
    • Howard Sam's Radio Industry Red Book 1st edition
  2. A minimum of one field should be used, or it will not return any results.
  3. Type in whatever info is known about your set, such as number of tubes used (1-33), and type i.e. 24, 6V6, 12SA7, etc.
  4. Wildcards are assumed, so * or ? are not required. Wildcards are already assumed so that a search for 25 will search for all radios having tubes with 25 in their name 25L6, 25Z5, etc. Unfortunately, this means you can not specifically search for a 25 tube without getting the others.
  5. The Mallory-Yaxley Encyclopedia (MYE) was first published in 1937 and had 100 pages devoted to radio tube complement information. Subsequent editins added many more radios but also dropped information relating to many early sets. This database contains information from the 3rd and 5th editions.The first edition of MYE did not have the total tube counts nor did it show if some tubes were used more than once in the set. It only showed a listing of the unique tubes used. Some of those sets from the 1st edition were dropped from the 3rd edition and are, therefore, NOT included in this online database.
  6. You may purchase a very nice CD-ROM with a PDF version of the MYE 5th edition from Ed's Radio Service for the super cheap price of $9.95.
  7. The Radio Industry Red Book (1st edition) was published in 1948 and contains information for radios from 1938-1948,
  8. G. Larsen's Radio Locator does NOT show model numbers but does show a column called Riders which refers to the Vol and Page number of the Rider's 23 volume set of schematics published in the 1930s. The Locator is available for purchase from:
    Gerald Larsen
    7841 W. Elmgrove Dr.
    Elmwood Park, IL 60707
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